Web Development

Web Development

Keeping up with the latest web developments is surely not the easiest task, but it’s definitely fun!

Web applications such as WordPress and Movable Type have created easily implemented blog environments for individual Web sites. It’s a fast paced industry, growing quickly!

It’s our future – what are you doing to become a part of it?

The Process

The Process I use for for web design and branding is exactly the same. I find it to be quite effective and easy to follow.


After the initial meeting with the client, I do sufficient research on the clients needs, and then I draw up anything between 3 and 5 concepts in a notebook. After I have done this, I create the designs on my PC, and if I am happy with the designs, I forward it to the client.

Feedback and Application

After I received feedback from the client, I start to design the final product, and I constantly update the client on my progress. I also find the necessary quotes that suits your requirements. for the products that need printing.

Final Product

The final stage of the process is the handover stage. Depending on the client’s needs and/or possible future work – I give the clients the high resolution files of the designs (in some cases the vector files). I also make sure that the quality of the final product exceeds the clients expectations.

Web Development

UniTree Dashboard Teaser

Every now and then, I get the urge to create something that I never thought I could ever do, the UniTree Dashboard is one example of this. I’ve started building the CSS and HTML for this dashboard with one mind to sell on a site like wrapbootstrap.com. Building the theme became more and more fun, as […]

New Development: SkedApp

SkedApp is my new baby to take care of. I’ve just finished three concepts and awaiting final feedback on the third concept design. The Concepts Give the brief, I was told to design three basic concepts for SkedApp, each with its own purpose and idea. The first, should be a clean design. Almost clinical with […]


The theVine project was a pretty simple one, all I needed to do was to design a homepage that showcases theVine‘s mobile apps, a short description and blog post. With the first design, the client was quite happy, and we needed to make only a few changes here and there.

Kaizania Academies

Kaizania Academies was one of the most fun projects that I had. The brief was pretty simple and straight forward; Build a WordPress website with 4 sub-domains (WordPress Multisite) Find and build a theme that matches the brand Build a site for each of the academies (Agile Academy, Lean Academy, PRINCE2 Academy and PMBOK Academy) […]

Unisa Dashboard & CSS3

A few weeks ago, a representative from Fujitsu contacted me for a quote on a dashboard design for Unisa. The client needed the dashboard design to fit the current website, with the navigation’s look and feel to be similar to Super Sport’s website navigation. But there was one catch, because the system loads statistics from […]

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud’s portfolio consists of two websites, a WordPress site and a Flash website. I have designed this Flash website (Did NOT code it though). The criteria for the site was to showcase that Creative Cloud takes design to it’s core, we needed a logo that conveys that message and a website that matched the […]

Agile & Lean Academy

The Agile Academy (www.agileacademy.co.za) is probably one of the most visited Agile websites in South Africa, and the amounts of traffic means constant maintenance and updates. The Agile Academy is a training based company with their primary focus on Project Management and Agile within Software Development companies.\ The website was built on top of the […]

My Design Tools

I mainly start my work in Adobe’s Photoshop, here I setup the layout and general style for the website. I design my Icons and buttons in Illustrator, and refine them in Photoshop. I have designed websites with Adobe’s Flash, but since the South African broadband speeds are so slow, I rarely use Flash for complete websites, but I have used Flash for advertisement banners.

Mostly I code my websites in Adobe’s Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver works like any IDE out there, the only difference is that I specialises in HTML and CSS.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe’s Dreamweaver is an excellent application to code HTML and CSS in. It supports the latest versions of HTML 5 and CSS 3. Many designers uses the functionality where they drag and drop div tags, and Dreamweaver codes the site for the designer – complete with CSS. I prefer to code the pages myself, I have more control over the end result.

Adobe Flash

Adobe’s Flash is an excellent tool to create funky websites with a lot of animation. I have given training in Flash at CTU, and I love the functionality that it offers to the designer. But Flash is a dying breed these days. HTML 5 can almost do everything that Flash and Action Script 3 can. No-one knows the fate of this application, will it die off and HTML 5 take over – or does Adobe have something up their sleeve?

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