UniTree Dashboard Teaser

Every now and then, I get the urge to create something that I never thought I could ever do, the UniTree Dashboard is one example of this. I’ve started building the CSS and HTML for this dashboard with one mind to sell on a site like wrapbootstrap.com. Building the theme became more and more fun, as […]

The Side Project

Style Guide and Prospectus We all know those times when we have a bit of a quiet stretch at work or awaiting feedback from a client for some random project, it always seems endless. Well, the best thing to do in such times is to be pro-active, to do something that would either challenge you […]

New Development: SkedApp

SkedApp is my new baby to take care of. I’ve just finished three concepts and awaiting final feedback on the third concept design. The Concepts Give the brief, I was told to design three basic concepts for SkedApp, each with its own purpose and idea. The first, should be a clean design. Almost clinical with […]

Cellar Master South Africa

Cellar Master South Africa is a new idea for a competition based television show in South Africa. The brief only required the logo to be as stylised as possible and at least contain the South African flag or the colours thereof. First Concept This concept was based on wine being poured into a wine glass. […]


The theVine project was a pretty simple one, all I needed to do was to design a homepage that showcases theVine‘s mobile apps, a short description and blog post. With the first design, the client was quite happy, and we needed to make only a few changes here and there.

Kaizania Academies

Kaizania Academies was one of the most fun projects that I had. The brief was pretty simple and straight forward; Build a WordPress website with 4 sub-domains (WordPress Multisite) Find and build a theme that matches the brand Build a site for each of the academies (Agile Academy, Lean Academy, PRINCE2 Academy and PMBOK Academy) […]

Mobilitate & CrimeSpotter T-Shirts

Designing an awesome t-shirt is easy, if you have the right tools – but that is only when it’s displayed on screen. When it comes to print, you should really know you printing company well to design an awesome shirt. Constant communication with your printing company is vital! Knowing their process is key to your […]

Unisa Dashboard & CSS3

A few weeks ago, a representative from Fujitsu contacted me for a quote on a dashboard design for Unisa. The client needed the dashboard design to fit the current website, with the navigation’s look and feel to be similar to Super Sport’s website navigation. But there was one catch, because the system loads statistics from […]

Sector 20

This is Sector 20, Way-point 20. It is a control station for an underground “Hover Train”. It’s a concept for a scientific set with very plain and almost dull setup. The inspiration for this set came from the video games Mirrors Edge and Portal. The scene is a high polygon set, with 11 light sources. […]

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud’s portfolio consists of two websites, a WordPress site and a Flash website. I have designed this Flash website (Did NOT code it though). The criteria for the site was to showcase that Creative Cloud takes design to it’s core, we needed a logo that conveys that message and a website that matched the […]

Agile & Lean Academy

The Agile Academy (www.agileacademy.co.za) is probably one of the most visited Agile websites in South Africa, and the amounts of traffic means constant maintenance and updates. The Agile Academy is a training based company with their primary focus on Project Management and Agile within Software Development companies.\ The website was built on top of the […]

Mobilitate & CrimeSpotter

Designing a flyer for a website like Mobilitate can sometimes be a very hard task to complete. The problem is not the design itself, but the content. How do you fit so much content into an A5? This was not the case with this flyer. The Copywriter came up to me, and asked for a […]

Agile Academy Brochures

Agile Academy required me to design a set of brochures to market their new range of Training Courses. They were using it as handouts at Agile events and during the training. During the Agile training, the brochure formed the cover of a branded notepad accompanied by the next course’s brochure.

Graytech Branding

Soon after I finished the campaign with Acczone, the Director of Acczone approached me again to design a set of diaries and note books. Complete with that he wanted the same designs that I used for Acczone, and apply that to Graytech.

Acczone Folder & Business Cards

Acczone, a financial software developing company, contacted me and requested a complete redesign of their folders, business cards and website. The Director, had the idea of flow and waves in mind. Immediately my creative mind sprung into action and I started building the brand. I immediately started designing the stationary with water in mind. The […]

Mental Ray Living Room

This Living room was modeled in Autodesk’s Maya, and rendered with Mental Ray 3.8. There’s only one light source – Mental Ray Sun & Sky. The rest of the light was generated with Global Illumination, Final Gather and Ambient Occlusion. I setup the scene with average settings, and the scene took 3min to render at […]

V-Ray Bathroom

This room was supplied by Evermotion, it was modeled in Autodesk’s 3DsMax. The model is a low poly model. I prepared the model for Autodesk’s Maya. After I imported the model, I mapped the UVW’s and textured the room. I used V-Ray 1.50 for this render. The room contains 3 light sources – V-Ray Sun and […]

V-Ray Kitchen

This Kitchen was modeled in Autodesk’s Maya, and rendered with Vray 2.0. This is a high poly scene with high amounts of ray tracing and reflections. The room was lit with 3 lights sources – Vray Dome Light with a HDR image linked to the colour output, Vray Sun and Vray Rectangular light. The room […]

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