Clients – Why the wait?

31 Jan 2012 0 Comments

In the last few weeks of the new year, I’ve noticed that some clients don’t get excited when they either have their websites redesigned or built from scratch. A website is an investment, something that could possibly be the tipping point a business need in order to be a success. The full payment has been made, the design signed of, functionality and structure done – but NO content.

I recently had to take over a project from one of our Developers, and the biggest problem I faced, was to annoy my client with phone calls and emails – just to get some form of content that we can use on their website. With every call, the client promises to hand deliver the content the very next day – but the delivery never happens. I can understand that we are too busy sometimes to sit down and write content, but when you borderline on a year of waiting, is it too much? Especially after you paid in full for your website?

The first thing I ask myself, is “Do you think that you’re wasting your own time and money?” and “Aren’t you excited that we’re building you a website?”. I am still excited about this website, MY website, I get all tingly inside when I get something new to post! One of my clients, Faithful Men Ministries (Will add the site soon to my Portfolio), could not wait until the site was done, and they required constant updates – more clients should get excited for their new websites.

The world is going to see your site, don’t you want them to see that you are excited?


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